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Plugin request for ECUEdit

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  • Plugin request for ECUEdit

    Subaru owner ! Hang me like Saddam but i really would love to use my Accessport cable with some readily available software/hardware that i already have.

    ECUEdit is my first choice. If NOT, could you guys do it for PCMSCAN ?

    Here's two screen shots

    And the ecuEDIT that I am talking about is available here

    You guys would be a life saver. I got ZER0 programming skillzzz ! but I know such a plug-in would be a Godsend for quite a few Subaru owners.

    Thank you very much.

    PS: between you and I, this screenshot is funny. One cannot boost 7.8 psi at 48 rpm; 4800 more likely and No scooby ever boosts 36 psi.

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    52 views and no comment. Hmmm, it really is lonely at the top :-( of the turbo foodchain !


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      Man...the amount of responses is overwhelming. Thank you all...but it is so hard to pick one of you... :-( Stupid me for going into Toxicology instead of Computer Science...

      (Really...what did other Subaru owners end up doing ?)