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  • Add custom label on main screen

    Hello guys, is there any way to add custom label/button on main screen, for example somewhere near time or date. I am developing plugin, that will show cpu/mb/outside temperature and I want it to be shown always, when date and time visible. I have read ICFMain interface, but did not found any way to add custom label there. If I will use CFPlugin class and create labels/buttons there, I will see them only when I activate plugin, but I want to see them within other plugins like media, navi, web, etc. Is there any way to make it. Am I missing something in documentation ? I have found that I can use CF_systemSetText(CF_TextItems.MainTitle, "some text"), but I am afraid this text can be replaced by some other plugin somewhere. And I also want to track clicks on that area, so I can change sensor cpu/mb/outside/something else.
    PS. sorry for my English, I am from Russia

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    You can't do that using the standard CF interface but have a look at this tool:
    Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!


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      Yes, thanks alot. I think this is what I need.


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        Just for useful information (I know, there s no intent to reply here to someon'es post from over a year ago)...

        The new CML in Centrafuse 3.0 allows you to do this easily...