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  • CF Skineditor 1.14

    Hi All

    I have updated the skineditor I made for 1.6 and 1.7 to support the latest version, at this point 1.14.

    The skin is in alpha version untill I get confirmation from some other skinners that it is stable. The version will then be 1.14 and released on google together with the source.

    New features are:
    - Fileloader can handle thee 1.14
    - Undo / Redo function
    - Status bar

    Bug reports and suggestions can be posted in this thread.

    ToDo list:
    - Clean up code / Documentation
    - Plugin support
    - Less depency on layout of xml file ( will NOT be done by me, anyone interested )

    Developers can contact me for pre release of source or wait until it will be available via subversion on google code.
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