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CENTouch (Skin Preview) [dialup beware)

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  • CENTouch (Skin Preview) [dialup beware)

    Hello Everyone.

    For the past few days I've been working on a skin, getting familiar with how Centrafuse works, fonts, colors, etc.

    The skinning of this application is.. well tedious at best, but doable. I'm trying my hand at trying to recreate the skin based on the default framework. Once I have my head wrapped around the XML for placement, then who knows, maybe an entire overhaul with button placement in other locations. (no time soon).

    To be frank, I started this skin for me, not the mass public, however I am interested in some feedback.

    Once I've completed the skin I'll make it available for download.

    The colors are not going to sit well with many, and again that's ok :-). I hope those that do see it, and possibly like it are able to give constructive feedback.

    These are actual screenshots from centrafuse, running in trial mode (as I'm waiting on my hardware to get here before I can actually install mine), thus the reason I'm skinning this.

    Some screenshots are on a muted background (normally they would be on the main-menu screen), but ALT+Print Screen results in the dialog box (pop-up window)... just to clarify :-)

    I've borrowed bits and peices to create background, elements, icons, etc. I'll ultimately give credits for these on the splash screen.

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    looks nice I would like try it


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      Looks absolutely sweet, I hope you can finish it, so many others have set out to reskin Centrafuse and it never happens. Looking forward to being able to download this...


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        Thanks for the feedback. I can certainly see why people give up. The process is very time consuming. I'm trying to set it up so that ultimately others can use my PSD's as templates -- should they want to reskin the current frame-work.

        I'm using all vector images (except the background image) so scaling/modding should be easier for the next person.

        I've got my carPC now which I'm trying to configure, so I have some desire to see it through myself :-)


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          where I can to download this skin?


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            It's not fully ready yet.
            Skinning's my side job . I plan on working on it more this week -- those screen shots you see are all that I have to this point. They certainly take some time to complete, that's for sure. :-)

            I'll keep you posted.


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              Those are sweet! I tried skinning CF last night, wasn't as easy as it looked! Even to just swap out the CF logo! I need to read more, lol! Looking forward to the PSD files, I think that would open a whole new door for CF skins if you did that!
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