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CentraSkin Editor V.40 released

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  • CentraSkin Editor V.40 released

    CentraSkin V.40 is now complete, I choose to release the editor the way it is (90% completed) so that you guys can enjoy my work until the next release which will be the other 10% V.50

    The Editor was completely rewritten with the XML code, I've optimized many screen and keyboard controls added menu function and prepaired code for new features.

    What's new in this version is as follows:

    - Tutorial for using basic controls of Centraskin
    - Object control, giving you control of what you see on the screen and disabling the stuff that you don't want to see.
    - proper png and alpha transparency support
    - Full Icon support
    - Increased WYSIWYG support, more to come on this one. I've added nice touches like date variables reflecting the actual dates, header and button variables showing proper text.
    - Allows you to switch back and fourth between _off and _down images while your working to make sure all graphics align properly.
    - XML code checking, my XML code is as close as I can get to the XML parser now which allows for a lot of flexibility and future features. I rewrote this code from 300 lines -> 30 (no joke!) I've added some checks to make sure the XML code will work well with the centrafuse.
    - Increased file checking to make sure no issues with CF and missing files.
    - Template function, I'll be adding a tutorial on this later, it's a minor feature but someone might find a use for it. It also includes a templates to change the keyboard from qwerty to alpha and back again.

    Incomplete functions that will be coming in V.50

    - Font support (incomplete, right now it's just the viewing of the fonts, changing will come in V.50).
    - Menu Support (incomplete, I'll be doing more work around this feature).

    Added a installer and posted it on the centrafuse download site.

    Download the installer

    I'm not finished yet guys keep an eye out for more releases, tutorials and a few surprises

    As always give your opinions and things you'd like to see in the editor and I'll see what I can do.

    CentraSkin Developer

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    This is great! Thanks for all the hard work, which I'm sure was a lot.