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New CF2 BMW_Style Skin

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  • New CF2 BMW_Style Skin

    A Bmw skin for those who owe one.....
    it is made for CF v2.0 so no test was done for v1 but should work..
    few screenshots

    Loading Screen

    Main Screen

    Download Link

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    Trying it now.

    Looks good, Thanks!!!


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      Thanks for the very beautiful and professional looking skin. Unfortunately I dont own a BMW so Ive stuck a windows vista logo ontop of the BMW logo.

      Any chance you could release a copy of the MAIN_down.png and MAIN_off.png files blank without the BMW logo so that we can photoshop in our own logos?


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        im pretty busy these days but im sure i can get them done soon for you guys....


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          Got a chance to test out the skin in car today and found a minor aesthetic flaw. In the media section, the choice of coloring makes the selected song really hard to see (especially in daylight). So in the skins.xml file under the <MEDIA> section, it would be best to change <SELECTFONTCOLOR> from #c0c0c0 to something darker, like black 000000.


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            well , you can change it yourself i suppose to suite your needs . Thanks tho for the input.


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              Great Skin

              Thanks for your skin. I'm using it from now on.
              I tested it in my CF 1.47 and everything is fine but the Mixer screen. It doesn't show the bars. However I can live without that.

              I'm attaching the main pngs without any logo just in case anybody (like me) has another car instead of BMW.
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                The time doesn't show when the radio is in use. Is this normal?