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Aqua Skin [update: 3-27] [Does NOT work with 3.5+]

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  • Aqua Skin [update: 3-27] [Does NOT work with 3.5+]

    Here is MarcelP and I's Almost Done Release of AQUA Skin.

    • The following plugins are not skinned yet: DSATX, Email, GMPC - and several of the very rarely used dialog boxes
    • Hold Pause for 2 seconds to Mute track
    • When you're online, there is a green glow around the orb on the home screen - do you guys think it should be white or should it stay green? When you are not connected, it is gone.
    • A 4:3 version is in the works, but don't hold your breath, it will be some time I think till it's done

    Please delete all the old aqua skins [unfortunately it must be done manually] before you install this latest version. The good news is that from now on we will just be releasing addon packs instead of full installers. The easiest way to delete the entire skin quickly is to do a search for "aqua" within the centrafuse install folder- and delete whatever comes up.

    This latest version of the installer gives the user the ability to choose the background orb logo of their choice during installation! If yours is missing, or you would like to change it later on go to the settings page within Centrafuse -> Graphics -> Background Image and select from the list. In this release we have the current list of logos: Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrystler, Cobalt SS, Cummins, Fiat, International, Jeep, Landrover, Lexus, Mazda, Mustang, Nissan, Opel, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, VW. If yours is missing or you have a good idea for a graphic please post a request in the forum, and someone will try to fill it for you.

    If you come across any bugs or have ideas you'd like to see implemented - please let us know. This is the best and most comprehensive skin for CF right now because of your guys' feedback!

    On to the downloads:

    Original Aqua Skin

    Blue Aqua Skin

    Orange Aqua Skin

    Red Aqua Skin

    Black and White Aqua Skin

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    WOW !!!! Impressive....


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      Yes, very nice....glad I switched to CF from RR


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        Originally posted by leeman01 View Post
        Yes, very nice....glad I switched to CF from RR
        I'm thinking about doing the same. What advantages/disadvantage did you find between the two frontends (you can pm me the reply instead of us hijacking this thread )?
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          I really love this skin but I am running into an issue and wondered if anyone else has as well (not blaming the skin just happens to be when my problem started) For some reason when switching between Aquah and clean for day vs. night my machine BSOD's Also if in Aquah vs Clean upon resuming from hibernation it also either hangs forever or BSOD's Any help would be greatly appreciated. No hardware changes have been made since the update.
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            Download link is broken.
            404 errror - page not found


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              fixed and updated, thanks!
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                Thanks for the great skin. Beautiful work. I'm still learning how to skin in Centrafuse but I've done quite a bit of skinning on a HTPC front end forum (Xlobby, screen name Baddabing) so I'm starting to figure it out. I've made a few very minor tweaks to the copy I'm running. I added a new Chrysler SRT logo, tweaked the EQ sliders and the song progress slider and the volume. Here are a couple screen shots I thought you might like to see.


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                  damn, i like this skin but on my 800*600 native screen i looks not pretty
                  are there any solutions?


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                    is it possible to make a finger press on the center logo launch a plugin?
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                      Liked the skin and color options very much. wish it had a skoda logo also
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                        i love the skin! is there a way to replace the center car logo with your own? i've got a STi and would love a subbie or STi logo if possible.


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                          On the Centrafuse forums there is a thread going on where a lot of users have posted their own logos for this skin, go check it out!
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                            Originally posted by NoTec View Post
                            On the Centrafuse forums there is a thread going on where a lot of users have posted their own logos for this skin, go check it out!
                            yeah just found it....thanks, but is the logo replaceable in this aqua skin?


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                              Originally posted by scott_fx View Post
                              is it possible to make a finger press on the center logo launch a plugin?

                              This and can we PLEASE have a Mazda Logo added please ?