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CF 3.5 Skin change crashed and will not reinstall

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  • CF 3.5 Skin change crashed and will not reinstall

    I tried to change the Skins to "Slate" and the CF 3.5 program crashed, locked up the computer, and now CF 3.5 will not install. I uninstalled the CF 3.5 program, cleaned the Registry, removed all files from the system, and rebooted in between each step. I tried reinstalling 3 times, with uninstalls between, and nothing works. So, what the hell is wrong with CF 3.5 reinstalling and working on my computer. Anyone else have this problem?

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    I know 3.5 has a bug where it doesnt refresh a few items after a skin change. But never had it crash before. Post it over in the fluxmedia forums. Im sure someone over there can help ya out.
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      open config.xml in C:\ProgramData\Centrafuse\Centrafuse Auto\[username]\System
      and edit these two lines to say this


      save and restart cf.
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