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Centrafuse 1.5 Brushed Metal Skin ... now stop asking

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  • Centrafuse 1.5 Brushed Metal Skin ... now stop asking

    i actually finnised making a brushed metal skin for centrafuse 1.5.. i need some help with the colors of the text a bit in the XML File.. dont want to finish it and i just lost interest, can someone take the work i have done and make something great out of it please!!! i really got tierd of waiting months for people to finish this so i had to take the initiative myself.

    please someone try this and edit the xml so the colors look better.. im not a freggin artist.. i just ported the brushed metal 1.4 skin to 1.5

    if someone can make it better my email address is please send me any revisions you have i would appriciate it!


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    Artist, no. Spelling bee champion, Hells NO!

    Thanks rock.

    (me....I'm lazy)
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