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New to CF Skinning, couple of questions...

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  • New to CF Skinning, couple of questions...

    Hi guys

    I've only just got into CF and think it's awesome, so I thought I'd have a crack at doing a nice skin for me Mazda. At the minute I'm going to be designing a skin for my laptop as that's what I'm running in the car at the mo (1024 x 768) but I hope to have a TS in it at some point, so will remake it.

    Anyhoo, I have a couple of questions...

    1. Is it possible to have 9 buttons on the front screen to do all the things I want it to? Instead of like a next page / last page button to flick through the different options, I'd like all 9 of them on the main screen at once. I've designed a layout which has the mazda logo in the middle with 9 buttons around it (i'll post a screenie tomorrow) and I'd like everything at hand from the main screen.

    2. I did have more questions but I've answered most of them myself for now just by playing with the XML files etc lol, if I have any more I'll post them

    Oh, one more thing, how up to date are the Destinator 3 maps? And are there newer versions I can get hold of? I've got Destinator 3, and I simply copied the maps into the folder at the root of C: which shows them up and allows me to do postcode searches / full routes etc. Is that about right?

    Many thanks guys. I'm hoping to really get into this and be a big part of the CF building community

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    1. I dont think its possible... but i hope u proove me wrong.


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      Ahh shucks That's ****ed right on my bonfire. This is the kinda thing I was going for (not put in all the buttons, naturally because I can't lol):