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XP Media Edition Skin... takers?

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  • XP Media Edition Skin... takers?

    I don't know if you saw this thread:, but the guy is working on an "XP Media Edition"-like skin for RoadRunner. A few versions back, I started on a similar skin for CF, but wondered about the color scheme and visibility. That and the changes to CF convinced me to stop.

    Anyone have experience with that color scheme in the car? Is it viewable in our cars in bright sunlight... well... as much as any other?

    Here is a shot of what I thought of back then.

    I'm going to try it for myself and my own application, but before I do, I thought I'd check to see if there's interest in the community-at-large. - Miata MX-5 Carputer - Nissan Frontier Truck-puter

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    Hmmmm... Mayby Bill Gates would like it...


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      God damn it!

      After trying 30 min to be analyzed on ******* microsoft ****ty update, with 100% legit soft... to get ******* fixes im entitled to...

      Makes me cocnlude:

      A) I was wrong... world richest man wouldnt use his own ****ty software or anything which even remotely resembles it... Im sure he has nevada size cluster of those cool cray super computers from 60s which look like comfy leather sofas... how much i would like to loot some computer museum and use one as a seating area on my home theatre :P

      EDIT : incase u skipped computing history

      B) I better use emule to update this goddamn windows


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        Here we do everything within our power to get rid of the windows look, and yet there are some who want a windows skin



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          Your very much so on your own on this one....
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            well I like it, I use media center in my car for the radio interface sense the CF plugin will not work with my card and I like the way it looks.
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              Thanks for the input.

              I tried adjusting CF's default skin to using the same color scheme as Win ME, just as a test, and it doesn't work so well in sunlight. So this skin project is hereby and officially scrapped.
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