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down-scaling of skins by cf

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  • down-scaling of skins by cf

    I found the problems reported by other users with my mmi-skin are caused by the down-scaling. It works perfect at native resolution (1024x600) but as soon as it gets scaled down by cf (which is the case for all the 800x480 users) many text-labels are missing and some screen-graphics don't get displayed at all.
    Scaling down the onyx-skin (e.g. to 640x480) works so it can't be a general bug. I tried to lower the font-sizes already without any success.
    Has anybody else made a skin with a native resolution different to 800x480 and tried scaling it down or got any idea what the problem could be caused by?

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    up !! :-)


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      See my thread... haven't had down-scaling problems, but up-scaling
      Can't be surprised by rescaling problems... you'll always run into those.
      (I do think it's rather illogical to have to give every object an absolute position in the skin.xml, but that's another story of course)
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