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Centrafuse clone skins not allowed

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  • Centrafuse clone skins not allowed

    It is unfortunate to have to post this, but due to a certain companies actions we must.

    A cease and desist has already been drafted by our lawyers and will be served to any company that uses a Centrafuse clone skin to directly or indirectly make profit. This will also potentially be followed by a law suit.

    All graphics and interface design that are included with Centrafuse have been trademarked by Flux media as well as we have multiple copyrights that cover works of art and design. All these are clearly protected under copyright No. Txu-1-239-794.

    We did not give permission to anyone to copy our work or graphics. When you can clearly overlay our copyrighted/trademarked graphics over another parties piece of work and they match up pixel for pixel in many areas, it is a clear cut case.

    This company I refer too had no software of their own and they were running Road Runner with the Freedom skin at SEMA this year promoting their product, which is a clear cut rip off of Centrafuse.

    We initially had no problems with an opensource program using a skin look alike, but never gave permission to anyone to create these skins written or implied. One of these skins has now now been used to generate revenue, which is illegal...

    All we ask is that you come up with your own original work. Copying other peoples work without permission should not be encourged on these message boards.

    Even if someone designs a skin and doesn't get a trademark or a copyright they have an implied trademark on their works of art the minute they finish them. I would hope that everyone would not want their work to show up and help illegally generate revenue for another company without their permission, nobody wants that.

    I hate that this company did this, but rip-off skins of Centrafuse have now been illegally used and our copyright has been infringed upon...

    Thanks for your help and just please keep your work original.

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