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transparent how to + something more

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  • transparent how to + something more

    here is something i was working on

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    ok here is a little upgrade

    splash logo

    and main logo

    here you can see the font is changed all the blue color is changed wiht golden, all the lines, some icones are different phone and webcam(i dont like it and will change it back)

    i colored the dvd icon and media,... will make more changes. ohh and added the calendar and calc

    and the settings part

    all of the skin is that way

    i hop you like it


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      ok the transparency i know now hehe.

      this is how to do it One way

      Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

      1. you open a picture you wish to edit
      2. the picture must have an one color background (the color must be the one that is not used in the picture or that is the less used)
      3. go to selection and click select all
      4. then go to selection, modify and select color range
      5. select the color referenc ( the color must be the one you wish to blend transparent)
      6. use softnes to transparent the specific color and use tolerance to blend transparent the hole picture
      7. subtract color rangemust be active
      8. then just copy paste the selected object inthe picture and move to the logo picture

      something like that

      that is all.