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  • I like the changes!

    Hey Clockwork I have been playing around with the latest version and I really like the changes you have made. I also really like the layout of the second monitor screen, could that be an option for the first screen as well? Keep up the great work SNO

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    Looks good

    I downloaded it right after Christmas. I was going on a little 100mi trip and wanted something to listen too instead of my iphone. It played for 2 hours without any breaks and that was on a netbook. best was the large buttons. really easy to use with a touchscreen. I just loaded on an HP slate to see how that goes. I think I'm finally giving up my old road runner fuji tablet with FI skin so this must be pretty good. I did try it on the fuji but it didnt like windows 2000.

    I did notice one weirdness if you pause the playback and hit either track forward or back buttons it changes to play but the icons don't change. to pause it I had to hit the button twice. first time it only changed the icon since it was already playing the second time it paused it. still such a minor issue. everything else worked great. the playlist took a little getting used to. at first I was looking for volume controls too but the slate has them on the case and most of the time I use the headunit in the car to control that.

    it did like my holux BT GPS and BT ELM327 interface. I just downloaded the new 1/14/2012 source and binary to try. I have to try 2 screens now to see what that offers. My son had made some new graphics for us. do you accept user skins or pics? Id like to offer something back if I can. i am also interested in the OBDII screens and what can be changed / added there.



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      Thanks for the feedback, and the bug report. I've investigated the issue with the PAUSE button and icon. Should be all fixed when I post a new version sometime this week.

      I've never run this program on a tablet before, but now that you mentioned it, I really want to.

      There's a volume control bar in the Now Playing window. I should probably add individual buttons for VolUp and VolDown if I can find a good place for them.

      Graphics aren't my strong suit, so if you have better icons, or you want to put together a skin, I'll be more than happy to make a sub-forum for Skins, or even include your changes as one of the included default skins.

      The OBD screens can be configured to query and display any MODE-1 PIDs at this time. I may need to write some code for sensor data conversions depending on the PIDs you're interested in. I haven't ventured into any manufacturer-specific PIDs (ie Engine Knock Retard). Let me know what you want to accomplish with the OBD, and I'll do my best to make it possible. The program populates variables which can be referenced by the skin to draw gauges or pass the variables into Flash objects as well.

      I'm always open to ideas, suggestions, requests, and criticism.