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  • Testing the new build

    Hey Clockwork I am about to give the new build a try out with the Phidgets embedded. I will let you know how it goes. SNO

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    Awesome. I look forward to your feedback. I tested with the sensors I have and everything seemed okay. But nothing beats real-world testing with different sensors.

    Also, the next version will have a window on Screen2 for Phidgets, and a new window for driving directions on both screens.


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      So far Soo good! Phidgets populated all 7 sensors and readings were correct. I need a setting to change the weather from farenheit to celsius, but the weather app works fantastik. Lifecam cinema streams fine and no slow down at all, very fast response on all apps. Top notch build. I'm gonna try some more apps now on the embed. SNO


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        I have a Win 6.1pro phone semi connecting via bluetooth using DUN, it will connect and if i call my cell it will open the phone stuff and say "your phone is ringing" over and over but when i push answer it just keeps repeating the "your phone is ringing". also the 0 does not work for me when entering phone number. I wil try on a 6.5 and 7.5 winmo phone next. SNO


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          Sure enough, I had a typo in the skin causing the zero button to not work for entering a phone number (however, it did work for sending a DTMF tone while connected to a call). If you want to fix it now instead of waiting for a new test version, just go to the DefaultSkin folder and open the file Skin_Frame_BTphoneInfo.xml with notepad.
          Find this:
          AddTextToObject 1 LabelBTphonePanel1Dial40num TextBTphonePanel1DialNum
          Replace with:
          AddTextToObject 1 LabelBTphonePanel1Dial0num TextBTphonePanel1DialNum

          The new BlueTooth code doesn't use DUN/SPP anymore. It uses HFP (Hands Free Profile). Just to hear that it connects to your phone and receives connection events is music to my ears. This is all good information. The notification should not repeat, so that's somewhere for me to start. I haven't had a second phone around to try calling myself, so I've been limited to occasionally asking friends "hey, can you call me real quick, i just wanna test something". And my tests are all with a single BlueTooth adapter and a single phone. So if you want to test a little more, I'd like to know, if you place a call through DriveLine, is the audio playing through your speakers, or the phone? I would love it if the answer is "speakers". Also, have you tried ignoring the incoming call with the red phone button?

          Thanks! Very encouraging results.


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            Thanks I just edited the line and removed the 4. My wife is getting a new sony phone shortly so i will have an android to use as a tester as well. But right now I have all the winmo line covered. And a buddy has Iphone 4s which I might be able to use as a tester on the weekend. ill keep you posted SNO


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              SNO, your PM box is full. :-\


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                I deleted a bunch just now, should be good


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                  Ok Phone now answers and dials out just for some reason it misses the last digit of the phone number when it shows on the phone's display and can't complete the call but in driveline's phone screen it shows all 10 digits as we have to dial the area code as well. So this is a asus P527 win mobile 6.1 pro. Going to try the winmo 7.5 next I also liked the other "your phone is ringing...your phone is ringing" SNO


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                    I've got a guess for the missing digit. Interesting though, I didn't have any problem dialing out. All digits accounted for. Can you confirm that when you answer a call, it plays through your PC speakers?

                    I like the old "Your Phone Is Ringing" notification too. Maybe I'll bring it back now that I've changed the way the notification is played so that it can be interrupted.

                    I am currently in CarPC hell. A Windows Update replaced my BlueTooth driver with some Intel Centrino driver, and now DriveLine crashes on me when it accesses BlueTooth. Every time I remove the new driver and reinstall the previous one, DriveLine works but this damn Centrino driver keeps coming back. On top of that, Windows Media Player quit working all together. It won't play any media files at all (whether I try it through DriveLine, or just opening media player). All of this started after a Windows Update, so I wonder if something got corrupted. Anyway, these issues are slowing me down. And it's 100 degrees outside. So even with the AC running, standing still in a parking lot with the sun beating down makes things warm up quickly. Very frustrating 24 hours here. Funny that you're having better luck testing this than I am at the moment.

                    Thanks for the info. This is progress.

                    Edit: Fixed media player. Turns out WMP keeps a "library" of all your music. I had just removed a thumb-drive with a lot (a LOT) of music on it, and apparently WMP freaked out. I reset the library, and music works again on my PC.
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                      Well that fixed the last digit not showing up, all works good now. Currently testing with HTC Advantage x7501 6.1 winmo pro. SNO