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  • Testing radio

    Hey Clockwork I installed the ads InstantFM (silbus) and it works fine in Driveline just the embedded app tiles to fill the app window. I have set full screen to false. Any idea's on how to fix this. The app window is small maybe 2"x4". I will try the Directed HD using SatAmp embedded. It would be nice to get some sort of radio going til the HD and XM get ported SNO

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    Ok I can get Directed/Visteon working inside DL using mitch's HD PRD or SatAmp, but they need cleaning up in the embed window. The window is double the size of the app's and no way to make them bigger so the window needs to be smaller but only for the 2 radio app's. But so far working great.. presets saved, vol up/down, scan now for XM under SatAmp. SNO