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  • Experimental skin

    The Experimental skin works very smooth ,left,right centre. Definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe right pane could be for media instead of apps once you get radio units added. Keep up the great work! SNO

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    Another thought was the app icons could they be put to buttons like main page and be edited to what app we want button to do? The way the app icons are now look very blurry on my system, maybe they just need to be resized smaller. Your thoughts on this. SNO


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      The App icons are blurry because they use the icons from the actual app .exe file by default. I didn't really want to make the icons any smaller on the screen. I'd rather reduce the max number from 18 to 15 just to have more room and match the other windows. In the Settings XML, you can specify an alternate image to use. The setting is:

      I'm not sure if the "Apps" window should have the same metro-style tiles as the home screen. So I left it more like an app-drawer on an android phone. I should probably do the tile thing with captions.


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        Yes consistant metro tiles would be good, not sure if app icon could embed in tile or not. Would be nice if it could. I'm running 800x600 at the moment on 8" non-wide screen. SNO