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Updating Driveline

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  • Updating Driveline

    Something I never knew about Driveline as posted to me in a PM and I thought it should be shared and known. SNO
    Out of curiosity, do you manually update DriveLine, or do you use the built-in updater?

    In case you're not aware, DriveLine automatically looks for updates on all of the drives every time a device is inserted, or the program restarts. It scans just the folders on the root of each drive, looking for a newer DriveLine.exe file. If it finds one, it will ask if you want to update. If you choose Yes, it will copy all of the newer files and folders from that location (including skin files), and it will not overwrite your settings files.

    So, here's how I recommend updating:

    On a thumb drive (or any other portable media you can insert into your CarPC), create a folder Called DriveLineUpdate.
    Download new version ZIP.
    Extract new version ZIP to DriveLineUpdate folder on thumb drive.
    Insert thumb drive in CarPC.
    DriveLine should see it after a few seconds, and ask if you want to update.

    This makes it pretty easy to update without a keyboard or mouse connected to the CarPC.