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    my car is an Audi and I have a VCDS cable + VCDS 10.3.
    I would like to see some measure blocks in Driveline. I know there is an ODB plugin in Driveline but I cannot use it with my VCDS cable.
    I can always add the VCDS app in the apps plugin but some gauges based on specific measure blocks from VCDS would be great.
    Do you think this is acheivable in Driveline?

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    I see a couple of problems here. 1st being Clockwork is in the USA and does not have access to the stream of data to verify he is on the right track. Not that it could not be overcome with help of testers with that connection in their car. 2nd is that the API as it is currently only supports 2 graph type readings, they say they have plans on opening up the API to do much more but when that happens is anyone's guess. Now I am just getting my info from Ross-Tech and I could be going down the wrong road with info. Correct me if I am wrong please. I have a 2001 Cabrio here but it see's my obdII dongle. Just my 2 cents SNO


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      found this :

      Click image for larger version

Name:	vc-scope-gauges.png
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      might help with the plugin dev


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        and just to show some of the measure blocks:


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          or can I get (read) the same info using an odbii connection !!! not sure !


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            Ok I found a Ross-Tech driver with Virtual Port support. The driver instlalation adds an option on the VCDS usb device which can enable a virtual port. I ticked the box and it created a virtual port 6. DriveLine seems to freeze when looking up the comport in the ODB settings. It does not show the port I added. I modified the settings.xml and could choose this port in DriveLine. BUT there is no connection I think. The ODB icon changes color but nothing happens. I tried the VCDS ODBII connection in VCDS and I can read data. I tried 2 or 3 other ODB softs but couldn't connect to the device !!! In VCDS I see Protocol: ISO15765-500k-11bit !!! any idea how to make DriveLine talk to this device?


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              The mention of "ISO15765-500k-11bit" sounds like a CAN protocol. See if you can find some OBD (or scantool) software that supports CAN protocol and see if that works.

              I will do some research. 500k might imply that the port needs to be set to 512k baud. Not sure of the exact number. But I remember that CAN protocol operates at much higher baud rate than regular OBD.

              Also, DriveLine will not be able to access the port if another program is using the port at the same time.

              EDIT: part of me thinks that maybe this could work without any additional coding, depending on the device you are using. According to some documentation, "ISO 15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID,500 Kbaud)" is part of the OBD protocol.
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                will retest again and let you know.


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                  no luck.
                  I think this is for you :-)


                  Any third-party software developer who wants their software to work with our USB interfaces is welcome to contact us for technical info. It is not particularly difficult to add support for the "Direct" drivers that ship with VAG-COM to any such application. The developers of the three of the most popular third-party "tuning" apps all already have this info (most of them for several years). Why they have not bothered to make their applications compatible with the "Direct" drivers is a question we cannot answer.


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                    the comport is installed with 9600 speed.


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                      With this new info, it does look promising. As long as they are still going and willing to release the info needed. SNO