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Single Click instead of double click

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  • Single Click instead of double click

    is it configurable?

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    It depends on what part of the UI you are questioning. The file browser pretty much requires the double-click (because a single click is used to select what you want before clicking the CheckMark button). If everything were done with a single-click, there would be no way to open a folder to select individual files vs selecting the entire folder. If I remember correctly, I set up the file browser so a long-hold will act the same as a double-click.

    The playlist could be changed to single-click with no problem. Same for the radio station lists (and HD1/HD2/HD3 selection).


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      I was thinking all of DriveLine but remmeber now that the filebrowser is where I see the need. SOmetimes I double click too fast and have to double click again.
      And byt the way is there a way to setup an audio library and play music from child folders without a creating a playlist?


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        In the file browser, highlight a folder and hit the CheckMark. That folder (and all subfolders) will be added to the NowPlaying list.

        Also, make sure you add your root music folder as a Music_Path in the DriveLine_Settings.XML file. This makes browsing much easier.

        I'm working on a config tool for first-time users to set up Paths and Locations.