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What's the most current build?

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  • What's the most current build?

    Driveline is working very good now and I have not found any bugs. I am wondering what is the most current build. Is there some sort of numbering system or just by date? Maybe going forward there could be a build numbering system if there is none. Hard to keep track across various test boxes.. SNO

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    December 8th 2012 is the most current release version. I can't even remember if the version on my personal website is a little newer. I've been slacking this month. I will probably add an "About DriveLine" item in the Config screen so the version can be checked, and I can pay credit to those who have helped advance this program. I don't really keep up with version numbering like "4.8" or whatever unless it's a serious milestone. The next release version will be in January, and will be version 5.0

    Maybe I can even have it check online for updates. But I don't think I'd go so far as to automate the new version download. We'll see..


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      OK that's the version I have running perfectly, Thanks SNO