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    I'm looking for ideas here ! I want to use a camera in the car but can't find an easy way of making it start recording automaticaly. I want to use cams to record directly on internal sdcard so no usb cameras.
    Can the phidget stuff be of any help here? Kind of send a "press power button" action to the cam when the carpc starts.

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    Yes it could trigger the cam to turn on and also you could have it go on with reverse gear using an input and output. If you want to do this without computer you might be better with the phidget sbc. SNO
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      OK. I don't know anything about the phidget stuff. Here is what I need:
      1. I start the pc => the front camera starts recording. The problem is I will have to pass cables from the carpc to the camera on the windshield, near the rear viaw mirror. this is goona be tough work because I will have to tear my car down :-)
      2. When the gear is in reverse mode (while parking) => the music pauses for 2 or 3 minutes untill the parking or leaving operation is over.
      3. When the car comes in front of the garage door (based on GPS location) => a press button is sent to the garage opener to open the door :-)
      What phidget stuff do I need for this mod ?


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        Watching and learning... I just ordered my first Phidget yesterday. I just want to manually control some lights, but spent the day thinking what inputs I might want to use.

        Don't know what all can be done with them, but Sensing Reverse is a good one for me to wire in while wiring. Also, Door Ajar, Trunk Open, Hood Opened, and Is it Daylight or Night sensor.


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          I have been thinking about this one! Here goes I would get a 1018 for the controller, get a wire from reverse light to a digital input which will send a signal to a digital output to camera power feed (i'm sure it's well under 2amps) at the same time that digital input will also trigger a small adjustable timer board (I am actually just waiting on PCB's to assemble the first one) that will trip a 3052 relay controlling your audio out or if Clockwork can do it (add something to sense on digital input mute music for x=time). SNO
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            If I'm understanding everything correctly, it sounds like it would be a lot easier to wire up reverse light to a digital-input, and then have DriveLine react to the digital input by muting audio and switching to camera view.

            The GPS thing wouldn't be too hard either. I'd just need to add a skin variable for DistanceFromHome.


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              Yes that would be the easiest no doubt about it. Only thing I would suggest is to make it on a certain input only for the auto muting reverse cam deal. say input 8 to cover the 8 and 16 input boards. Glad you chimed in. SNO