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Button Blues Skin for Driveline

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  • Button Blues Skin for Driveline

    I finally finished my first full skin for Driveline. There are a few things I cannot figure out how to do, like moving the button placement on Skin_Frame_Media page so there are a couple vacant spots on that page, but I did apply the theme to all the frames, including ones I cannot verify due to lack of relevant hardware.

    Here are some screen shots:

    The skin file is 36MB and I don't have a host so if you want to try it, I can email it to those who can take large emails. Also included is several assorted matching backgrounds, where "blue_background_14" is the one used in the screenshots.

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    Look's good! why not use dropbox (3gig) or skydrive (7gig) and share the folder, both are free. SNO


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      I signed up for Dropbox today, and put the skin file there for share, but to my surprise, they don't give you a type address, instead they ask you to provide them with a valid email address, and a comment message, then they email that person with the share link. This is the first time I used a site like this. Anyways I went ahead and shared it with Clockwork, cause I have his email address, and he will probably want to look it over... if he can break away from his new lady friend!


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        Looks like I have to join DropBox to view the folder and download. There must be a better way. Just upload it to this thread if you can.

        I could host it on my personal website, but I would have to do some work to try to allow a way for you to upload new versions without my intervention.
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          Here is the skin file

          Here is the skin file:


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            When I right click it the only option is copy save or share. When I share it asks me for the e-mail address of the person I want to share with. No other choices, at least for the 2GB free account. You don't get 3GB until after you hook someone else into signing up.

            This must all be Kim Dot Com fallout!

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              Must be for new account holders then, because when I right click I get the following options

              Copy Public Link
              Previous Versions

              of course the 'copy public link' gives me a direct URL


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                I only have the free 2gig account and if I click get link without putting anyone's contact info in, it says the link is in my clipboard. If I open notepad and paste it provides the link. Maybe give that a try. SNO


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                  OK, I got the link by clicking on the share link, of the 3 options I get. When I click on the "Share Link" option, the window opens up asking for the email address of the person I want to share the link with, and a box to leave them a message, and at the bottom right of that box is a "Get Link" button that I overlooked the first time I went to that screen. It's setup somewhat deceiving, probably so that they can harvest email addresses to sell to dirty rotten spammers!

                  Button Blues Driveline Skin


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                    Work's like a charm! I like how fast the transfer is lol Instant Thanks for all your hard work! SNO


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                      is it in a folder in dropbox, or the public folder in dropbox? might have to use the public folder to actually copy/paste a link to the file...

                      Edit, wow, 3 posts by the time I opened to read the thread - glad it worked out.
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