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    I can not figure this software out lol... I can get it to run once then it wont open again until I re coopy and paste the file but I have to reset it all up? is there a way to install it??

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    There is nothing to install. download the most current build from clockwork's website and extract. I put my extracted driveline folder in c:\program files\ then make a shortcut on your desktop pointing to that driveline.exe in that folder. Start driveline using that shortcut and once you set everything up, exit out of Driveline and restart from shortcut should be good to go. SNO


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      Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I am unable to reproduce the problem, but maybe with some more information we can get to the bottom of this.

      What folder are you running DriveLine from? It shouldn't matter, but it will be good to know.
      What OS are you running? Again, shouldn't matter as long as it's WinXP or newer.
      What settings are you changing?
      DriveLine creates a folder called "My Logs". Send your log file(s) to me and I will take a look.
      Do you receive any errors when you run it the second time, or just nothing? Is the process (DriveLine.exe) listed in task manager?


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        the folder is just on my desktop, running windows 7, the only setting I changed so far were where my music is located and the color background, when I try n run it again, I click on it just shows the lil blue thing spinning then nothing happens...


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          how would I send you the log?


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            PM sent


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              I'll bow out now Thanks Clockwork. SNO