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Will this USB Noise Canceling Microphone work with Driveline?

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  • Will this USB Noise Canceling Microphone work with Driveline?

    Will this Blue Tiki USB Noise Canceling Microphone work with Driveline to make and receive cellphone calls?

    Click image for larger version

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    I got a new bluetooth dongle that works with Bluesoeil 8 and my Samsung GS3, but the microphone input to my motherboard is connected to my HD radio output, so I need a microphone input.

    I was thinking I like the dongle style of this mic, as I can plug it in when I am taking trips, yet still use it with my laptop because it's nice and portable.

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    I just checked out its specs it sounds quite driver/software required is great.i would assume it just loads a generic driver and mounts as a usb mic input.should be perfect ...are they new at all?...bonus is it looks like it will suit your interior too

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      I'm pretty sure BlueSoleil will use whichever microphone is the default in Windows. If there is a conflict or it doesn't pick up the correct microphone input, it looks like I can add some code so you can specify the audio input (and audio output) device.

      BlueTooth seems to be sketchy in all CarPC software, but I'll do whatever I can to make it work.

      I will probably post a new version of DriveLine soon. I've got the digital Phidget renaming done, and a few other things. Camera/DashCam code has come a long way.

      Does anyone have the SDK documentation for BlueSoleil 8+ ??? I cannot find the definitions/declarations for the PBAP (phonebook access profile)..


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        Well, I went ahead and ordered one of these Mic's to give it a shot. I think they are less than a year old design, and it says windows 8 supported.

        There is a sample instruction file in the Bluesoeil SDK file, but I can't make heads or tails out of it.

        Bluesoleil 8 SDK


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          When it arrives can you report back its features and usefulness. I'm running CF4 and a good noise cancelling mic but as soon as I hit 30mph its useless against my noise of my mud tyres

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            Sound interesting let us know how it goes

            For anyone interested Windows Vista and above support microphone array and the driver does all the cool stuff. I haven't found a mic that is compatible yet but here is the link :


            Its supports :
            • Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
            • Microphone array processing (MicArray)
            • Noise Suppression (NS)
            • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
            • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

            It make a really nice hardware project but probably too complicated to tackle though.

            EDIT :

            Ok I found a mic here

            Windows 8 is meant to have an improved algo too, cant wait to try it.
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              So, I've been thinking about a possible software solution for echo cancellation, but I'm not sure if it will work. And testing it isn't going to be easy. Basically, DriveLine would monitor the line-level of the audio output during a phone-call. When the line-level goes up, (person on the other end is talking), the level of the microphone will decrease. And obviously, when the line-level goes down, the mic level will increase. Any thoughts?


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                I just got the mic in the mail yesterday, but have not opened it up yet. I will test it tonight and see if it works.

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                  I just got home, unwrapped then plugged the Tiki Mic into my PC, and set it to default recording device. While testing it, I noticed it had a blue light when talking and an orange light when I am quiet for a second. The phamplet said it goes idle to minimize background noise going to the listener.

                  I gotta wait for my wife to come home to test it in the car as I have nobody to call right now.


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                    OK, the mic works under windows 7 and 8 fine, and should work under Driveline however it don't work for me because I have the motherboard mic connected to my HD radio ( my board don't have a line in).

                    So what happens is I hear the radio when I try to talk.

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                      Just so I understand...

                      BlueSoleil thinks that your microphone line is the one with the radio connected to it? If so, right-click on the speaker icon in the windows system tray, and click Recording Devices. Change the default device to the correct microphone line.


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                        How did it goes? any luck?


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                          I can't find any way to setuo bluesoleil as to which microphone to use. I did setup windows to use the correct mic as default communication device, and the other mic input as just plain default device, but that don't seem to work with Driveline, because when I start Driveline, the radio input gets set back to none for some reason.

                          I just gave up on it, and am looking for a different motherboard with line in, mic in, and line out as its standard audio configuration. I want a socket G2 board so I can use the mobile processors available, instead of the 3GHz chips that get too hot. I also want to ditch windows 8, and go win7 64 bit while I am at it.


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                            Never give up! I will try adding a setting to DriveLine that will tell BlueSoleil which audio input device to use as the microphone. Not sure why DriveLine would reset the Mic to None. My best guess is that something is preventing DriveLine from finding that audio device (maybe it's locked..), so it's defaulting to None.


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                              I have 3 (non holiday) days off this weekend so i will give it another go tomorrow. I won't be beat by a PC! Not me!

                              I really want to reload windows and just install what I am using, and take out the intel bluetooth/wifi card, in favor of usb dongles which work better. I have too much latent installs of stuff... BlueSoleil 6, Widcom, multiple intel drivers, and others that I was fiddling with till I found the right combination of bluetooth radio dongle and BlueSoleil 8 driver stack to work with my phone.

                              I also want to run USB extention cables up to my dome light overhead, as there are lots of switch blankoffs for options I did not purchase from the dealer.