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  • Installation manual?!

    Where is the installation walk through for this? I am trying to install it on my car PC but all i do is click the application file and it launches. I want to know how to set it up to start after booting ect....

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    lol there is no manual. Unzip/rar to where you want it say c:\program files\ and it will add the driveline folder and related files then make a shortcut to where you put it. run the exe and go to settings and setup how you want it what ports for what hardware like obd2/gps/radio when you exit it will save automatically . Also for getting driveline to start with windows just copy shortcut to startup folder hope that helps SNO


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      Put the EXE wherever you want, and make a shortcut.

      Within the program, in the Settings window, you can set it to run at StartUp.

      Click the status bar to return to the home screen.

      I guess I could make an installer and setup-wizard one of these days..

      I'll be happy to answer any questions. Once you get it configured, it's pretty easy to use.


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        I was a little confused when I first started with front ends, but I found Driveline the easiest to work with and get things running. I just read all the sticky topics first, then asked questions on each item I needed help figuring out as I brought up functionality.

        I partitioned my drive, then put the Driveline folder on the extended partition. That way if I crash windows and need to reload, my Driveline configuration will be untouched.

        I also zipped up the whole folder in case I upgrade and somehow break functionality, I can just unzip my working backup till I have time to troubleshoot.


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          I don't know what amazes me more - that people do not create a separate partition for their data etc, or that until recently, microsoft only created the single partition for both system & data.