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  • HD Radio RDS

    Hey Clockwork did you do some work on RDS? Today I was in Toronto and happened to scan the radio station and much to my surprise I saw some extra data. Normally I just see station number, or did I happen to pick up a HD station? SNO
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    HD Radio on Canada

    Due to high humidity causing a upper layer that the radio signal is bouncing off of (skip), your picking up CING in Hamilton, They do broadcast in HD.

    see -


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      Thanks TheMadTinker I looked on 953's website and it say's nothing about HD, but I could hear the difference in sound quality and that web link explains it We have HD in Canada finally, just hope it's not too little too late. SNO


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        I will investigate the RDS functionality within DriveLine this week.


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          It is only the FM side of the RDS then as I clearly get HD info. FM I only get station number on station's I know that broadcast RDS, if that helps SNO


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            The latest build dated 07012013 is working fine and has solved the fm rds issue thanks for your fast service as always SNO


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              Lot's of info now on FM. Went for a good 3 hour drive Driveline ran perfect! I even grabbed that HD station again, what a difference in sound quality. I can only hope more station's get on the bandwagon. SNO


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                We have 59 HD stations in the SF Bay Area, and I can pickup most of them, but 30 are in Spanish only, a few in other languages, and about 20 in English. Of those we have mostly Hip-Hop, and 70's Rock Oldies.

                I have 2 of the Directed HD radio's though, so I must like HD!


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                  Hey rray, not sure if you noticed, but I added a feature based on your suggestion. When you start DriveLine, the volume will fade from zero up to it's specified level over a period of time. This way, instead of just coming on super loud when you start the car, the driver will have a chance to turn down the volume if necessary.