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  • Playback question

    Sorry, another question for the forum.

    The audio/video player will loop playback once finished playing the files in the list, even if I have not set it to loop. Can I stop this and only have it play to the end of the list and stop?

    Also, if I set my added apps to play on desktop, when DriveLine minimizes whatever I have playing still plays. Can I change any settings or set it up to pause audio/video on minimize, so that when my apps open on the desktop the player stops and I can then resume it again when I return to Driveline?

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    For the looping I would think that would be a setting in WMP. Could be wrong. For the other problem I think Clockwork needs to answer that one. SNO


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      It's designed to always loop at the end of the playlist. The 'repeat' button is for repeating a single file from the playlist. A Skin Config option could possibly be added to enable/disable the automatic repeating of the playlist. Not sure I understand why though. I mean, if the user doesn't want to hear it anymore, they can pause or clear the playlist.

      Same for automatically pausing/muting when minimizing DriveLine -- an option could be added to the Skin Config settings. Not sure if it should auto-resume or not though.. Also, maybe this should be a per-app setting...


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        The reason why I asked about the looping is that when only loading 1 or two items into the playlist (especially when short in duration), it can get a bit annoying when it loops back to the start so quickly (not so much if you have a good few items loaded up).

        In regards to the pause/mute when minimizing, if a per app setting could be written that would be great. The reason why I asked about this in the first place is that I have some apps that have their own sound and I didn't want the music/video coming out at the same time. A setting written in would be more user friendly than having to pause the music each time before you go into the app.

        Not sure about auto-resume either. I guess if it was easy enough then maybe a setting could be written in to allow the user to choose what happens when maximizing DriveLine again (either auto-resume or user controlled resume via the pause button).


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          Is there any development on whether a media pause option can be added for when opening apps?

          I have tried to play about with the apps xml's to include a line to make the media player pause on mouseup when selecting an app, but am not having any luck


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            Yes. It's already done. It will be included in the next version. Probably sometime in the next few days.


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              Oh brilliant. I can stop trying to convince myself that I'm clever enough to fully understand the coding and command lines :-)