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  • Garmin Mobile PC On Screen Keyboard

    So after some searching I found this trick:

    1. Download AutoIt from here: and install it.
    2.Create a text file (let's call it OSK.txt)
    3.Paste this text in the file:

    While 1
    $cursor = MouseGetCursor()
    If $cursor = 5 or $cursor = 0 Then ShellExecute('"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe"')

    4. Rename the file to OSK.au3
    5. Run the file.
    It will stay in your taskbar and monitor the cursor.
    Garmin inputbox cursor ID is unknow which mean 0 for AutoIt. inputboxes of most other apps have ID 5. So this will also work in other apps.
    This script can be tweaked to work only in garmin. I use it with windows 8 and it is great for both Garmin and other apps like IE and Windows Explorer... Windows 8 OSK is just what Garmin is missing :-)

    Original idea is here:

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    Nice tip! Does it interfere with DL's built in osk? It is sort of like that SNO


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      it does not. I haven't done extensive testing :-)
      you can always add a condition to make it monitor Garmin app only.


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        Very nice thanks for your work on Driveline it's nice to see other's involved. SNO


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          Basically, this script is watching the cursor state. If it's a certain type (maybe the i-beam), or unknown, it launches the OSK.

          DriveLine has a setting under 'Application' called 'OSK Auto-Show' which *should* do the same thing if set to True. I don't think I've tested it with garmin though.


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            The thing about DriveLine osk is that it does not send the keystrokes like the windows OSK does. That's why I kept looking :-)
            And what inspired me is the fact that I've been using windows 8 and the windows OSK for a while now but I always had to click the OSK icon in the taskbar to bring up the OSK. Windows 8 OSK pops up automatically if you're using a metro app though. But it does not pop up when using the desktop apps. This script enables the pop up for desktop apps. You can customize it to pop up the keyboard for certain apps based on app title or handle ID and so on...


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              an update code to hide the keyboard when you click out of an inputbox (garmin or other app)

              While 1
              $cursor = MouseGetCursor()
              If $cursor = 5 or $cursor = 0 Then
              $keyboard = ShellExecute('"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe"')
              ElseIf $cursor <> 5 or $cursor <> 0 Then
              Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'taskkill /im tabtip.exe', "", @SW_HIDE)


              got it from
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                ClockWork, is it possible to do the same in DL? just replace the DL keyboard with a call to TabTip.exe !!! Windows 8 OSk is pretty cool. And as I said above the cursor ID in Garmin is "Unknown" so you will have to check if Garmin App is active + cursor ID is Unknown.


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                  I can probably add an option to use either the built-in OSK or the Win8 OSK (or even specify a path to a different OSK). I will need to test with Garmin though to see what's up with the unknown cursor type.


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                    good :-)