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Just started using Driveline again and have a few questions

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  • Just started using Driveline again and have a few questions

    I have Driveline running on an 8 inch Asus VivoTab Note so far I have been setting it up nicely I have the built in GPS sensor working with Centrafuse Localizer and Streets and Trips I also have to OBD II sensor going from Elm 327 Bluetooth device. Using my Windows Phone 8 device to provide network connectivity so that is all good. I was looking around today at a few things and was wondering if using a tablet is limiting what I can do. I was looking in the sensors section and was wondering if I would be able to get the tpms sensors and if I did how would I get the information to show up on my tablet it doesn't have any video connections and it also doesn't have any usb ports just a single micro that I would be most likely need to dedicate to charging. I was thinking that this would also eliminate any backup sensors that would show through the tablet. Also I downloaded the latest version today not sure which one I was using but the new one has the internet radio playing automatically I then opened a browser and tried to play music from my Subsonic server but I could not for the life of me find any controls to allow me to turn off the built in web radio is there any way to turn it off. Sorry about the questions but I was just curious. The app looks great so keep up the good work.

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    Using a tablet is definitely going to limit you in the USB department. I had an Acer Iconia tablet for a while. The charging port was separate from the micro-USB, but the screen quality sucked. Hopefully some other users can provide some suggestions for using a tablet and all of the USB devices you want to use. DriveLine has a screen to display Sensors, including TPMS.

    As for the playlist and internet radio, now that I think about it, the version I uploaded yesterday may have had a web-radio station or two in the playlist. Just go into the playlist window and hit the X to clear the playlist. Internet radio stations are handled like regular music files, so they show up in the playlist. I'm not familiar with Subsonic, but if it provides you with a playlist file (.ASX, .PLS, etc) you can add that to the playlist in DriveLine. If Subsonic does not provide you with a playlist file but it does give you a URL, then you can edit the WebRadio XML file in the Settings folder to add the URL. Internet radio is a new addition to DriveLine, so I'm still working on making it easier to use.
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      If you want to have all the extra's like TPMS OBD2 parking distance HD or XM radio then you really need usb ports at least 1 so then you could add a powered hub (Ram Mount make a good 5 port one. You have 2 or 3 options for getting TPMS or Parking distance You can get from the MP3car store or from me. I have the individual units or my All in One unit Check out the thread "looking for circuit board genius" or Robby's post's The Vibe 11.6in tablet I posted about has 2 usb ports onboard and if you use the docking station you get 2 more. Good luck SNO


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        If your tablet only has a single USB port and no charging ports you may have to do some research.

        XDA-Developers is a good source to find out such things or there may be a forum somewhere for that tablet.

        Most recent Android tablets can use the USB port either as a standard port or as an OTG port which means it is a hub (And thus can plug keyboards, hard drives etc into it as long as that version of android has generic drivers that support that device).
        To use the OTG cable you just need an OTG cable. With android tablets that support it in the kernel there are also charging OTG cables that allow you to use it as a hub and can power the device. But you would not know for sure if your tablet supports this without trying it. (Do a search for a charging OTG cable to find one. I bought mine for under $10)

        The easiest thing would be if your tablet has a dock for it because they generally break out the onboard port and give you many other ports.

        If your tablet support Qi Wireless charging you may be able to use that as well to charge while you use the USB port to connect to your devices.

        You may also find some of the newer stuff doesn't work well with Windows 8 or 8.1 if your tablet is using those instead of Win 7.

        The Tablet SNo talks about is a little bigger but sounds like a great tablet and I am looking to get one for myself shortly.



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          I have a 12 inch Asus EP121 tablet with 2 onboard usb ports I would have to use an inverter to charge it plus I have been having an issue with the charging tip inside the machine. I'm reluctantly going to have to crack it open and see if I can figure out what the issue is. I am really thinking about building a Double Din system using a Intel NUC board (if that is possible) I already have it priced out using a i5 board with 240GB MSATA drive and 16GB of RAM (overkill probably but I have a habit of maxing out my systems) would also like to add a 4TB data drive if it would fit since the board has room for a single sata connection. it has plenty of usb ports for what I would need. Nothings for certain yet just entertaining the idea is all.