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FreeICE v2.0 alpha 1 coming soon...

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  • FreeICE v2.0 alpha 1 coming soon...

    Many thanks to MP3car for giving me my own forum....

    FreeICE v2.0 is an all new Frontend. I lost the source the v1 and since vb6 is now no more, its time for an update I thought.

    Alpha 1 release will contain the basic media player which will play all audio/video files
    Alpha 2 release will contain navigation embedding (need to know which one is the most popular)
    Alpha 3 release will contain radio (Silabs as that's all I have at the moment)
    Alpha 4 release will contain gallery / file copy / settings screen and other bits
    Alpha 5 ....

    Things I'm thinking about adding...
    Find my mates, locates your friends live on gps (live tracking)
    Enforcers plugin's
    Dab radio (need a unit to play with)
    Phone bluetooth headset support
    SWF Widgets on main screen

    It's coded in backend with Flash frontend. It's completely skinable in flash (swishmax is what I use) and I will be releasing 'how to skin' videos soon. In my eyes it's just as easy.. if not easier to skin than RR!

    I'm currently just finalising the media player at the moment and expect an alpha release to be within the next week... keep watch :-)

    more to come...

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    ok done a bit more... so far..

    FreeICE v2 Alpha 1

    Done - Embedded Windows Media Player
    Done - Embedded Flash / Shockwave
    Done - Established communication between and flash
    Done - Control of the main system and windows media player volume
    Done - Created Playlist loadable from flash browser
    Done - Reading / Writing to ini file
    Done - File browser
    Done - Skin support by altering skin name in settings.ini
    Done - Next / Prev / Volume / Pause / Play / Fast forward / Rewind buttons all working
    Done - Repeat and Random Track selection working
    Done - Add single or multi files to the playlist (press and hold)
    Done - Volume / Fast forward / Rewind Auto repeat.. just hold the button to repeat
    Done - Read google weather api from postcode / might change this to yahoo
    Done - ComSend support added. Communicate from an external source ie. Joystick Vol+ / Vol- etc
    Done - Auto mute off on start
    Done - Full screen option on start
    Done - Restart / Shutdown / Logoff / Hibernate commands coded (untested and not skinned yet)
    Done - Auto drive updating (ie when on drive page if you insert a usb pen)
    Done - Cover art auto updating from jpg in folder
    Done - Source1 / Source2 write and read (saves path.. ie d:\music)
    Done - Drive / Music / Video icons on browser
    Done - Save current playlist / settings
    Done - Load old playlist and continue playing
    Done - Installer package

    Just a tidy up and its time for release

    Not to much left to do really to get it to the stage for the release.. this list will also help me keep focused.. I keep going off coding other bits.. lol

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      Mediabrowser icons added :-)

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        nearly there.....

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