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RELEASE - FreeICE v2 Alpha 2

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  • RELEASE - FreeICE v2 Alpha 2

    FreeICE v2 Alpha 2

    This is the second release of FreeICE v2. It's been coded from scratch in 4 and has a Flash skin that sits on top. It only contains a media player/browser at the moment but once this has been proven I will then progress on to adding some embedding code for navigation and also radio. It's taking me nearly 3 weeks to write this so it's very young.

    Alpha 2 [Changelog]
    - Added XP volume control
    - Fixed some startup errors

    Anyway, please read the 'how to install' before clicking on anything.

    afew pic's of what you can expect.. I've made the background / logo loaded so if you wish you can change them, details are in the how to install file.


    Skin source DOWNLOAD HERE with SwishMax4

    Album Art doesn't refresh after trying to load a bad jpg

    Please report any bugs, comments etc below...

    Many thanks

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    I can't get it to run in win7 64bit. Get the freeice.exe has stopped working. Tried running in compatability mode for XPSP2 and win7 with no luck and of course run with admin privlidges. I have followed the install directions and have dotnet4 and the lastest flash player installed. It could be my machine. I will try it on a XP machine later. Details are as follows

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: freeice.exe
    Problem Signature 02: 1.0.4256.13491
    Problem Signature 03: 4e5960bd
    Problem Signature 04: FreeICE
    Problem Signature 05: 1.0.4256.13491
    Problem Signature 06: 4e5960bd
    Problem Signature 07: 1e
    Problem Signature 08: 3d
    Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 3081
    Additional Information 1: a310
    Additional Information 2: a31000da7b0db7aea9d018229f36ba38
    Additional Information 3: 672b
    Additional Information 4: 672b8e236b8ceec3d6f002fcc70cee1f
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      That might be linked to the hooks (dont know there proper I putting in to monitor the volume / system messages. Please let me know how you get on.


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        will do
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          I have a similar error on the XP machine. Any ideas?
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            Will try and track it down today.. just wondering have you tried redownloading it maybe?

            I'm installing virtual xp mode on my pc at the mo and it's updating .net at the moment. As soon as it's done I will let you know. I'm kinda hoping it throws the same error so I have something to work on.

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              ok.. I've added some error handling.. please re-download again and let me know. It came up with a similar error on the virtual xp I'm running here but it's working now :-)

              Let me know about the volume and if they are any issues.


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                ok. will have a go tomorrow.
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                  Hi fella,

                  ok had a bit more of a play today.. well to be honest I've done nothing else lol.. anyway I've implemented separate XP volume controls which will make it XP / Vista / Windows 7 compatible :-)

                  Will upload Attempt 3 later on tonight once I put the kids to bed.


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                    ok.. uploaded Alpha 2, now has XP volume control and fixed the start up bug.. let me know

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                      You fixed it. Very nice and ultra quick. my machine is not slow by any means, but I was surprised at how fast the screen changes are. The default skin is very clean and well laid out. Other than the initial issues, I haven't found any other problems.

                      Suggestion, I like how the number for the track shows on the start of the song, but I am not sure about the track number constantly being shown. I am sure there is a reason for it

                      I am sure there are a few skinning things that need to be fixed on the buttons and the like but that fact that it is an alpha build, it is awesome.... well done Steve.

                      EDIT: come on guys, there must be someone else trying this out. How about some feedback.
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                        I would like to see track cross-fading implemented into this version please!


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                          Awesome work Steve and its looking very nice,

                          Confirmed installed (although the dot net stuff took a while to install) and working just fine on a 7 year old laptop. Even at this early stage the screen transitions are working very well and very smoothly even on my crappy laptop.

                          Also confirmed no start-up errors and volume control working as it should

                          Test Machine:
                          CPU: Pentium 4 3.2GHz
                          RAM: 1GB
                          GPU: ATI 9600 (Mobile)
                          OS: Windows XP SP3


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                            Couldnt get the first download to start at all on my 7 64bit machine, but i figured it was because the latest Flash is not 64 bit compatible. I'll try this latest release now


                            New release works great. Speed is FANTASTIC. Cant wait for this puppy to get a little more fleshed out. Might just have to open Swishmax again after 3-4 years lol
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                              Welcome back my friend. Played with Alpha 2 a bit this morning. Great start on your front-end. Couple things I've found:

                              Mute doesn't work for me (TabletXPSP3). Weather needs a config in settings.ini for Fahrenheit/Celsius. Play/Pause button would look great with the symbol changing from play to pause when pressed. I'm so comfortable with the 1.9.2 version's three main screens, I'm distracted by the flip clock and weather. I run WMP11 and use an external vis (Analyzed) and my vis doesn't show up in the vis window or full screen.

                              Great start, can't wait to see more.
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