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FI latest Navigation software pref?

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  • FI latest Navigation software pref?

    Hey guys....

    I am pretty new at this CarPC stuff, but wasn't born yesterday hahahahah I would really ask you all, who is running the latest ver of FI being Alpha v12 (at least that's what I just got up and running) and was wondering, who is running what for their Navigation?

    I've been testing tons of front ends lately ie Centrafuse, RideRunner etc and so far FI seems like a winner?! It's simple, fast and all the features that I need.

    All I want in my sys are: GPS, Radio (duh), maybe iPod and anything else is just a bonus.

    Anyways...please drop me a line here.....oh yeah, I've been reading a lot of embedding this n that into the the heck do you get to that point? Do you open it thru Windows or? Just need a little guidance and I'll take it from there

    Thnx in advance
    Running Win 7, CF 4.1, 40 Gig Intel SSD, Visteon HD radio w/ Mitch's cable/software.