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FITrafficCams - Traffic Flow Cameras - Status : In Development

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  • FITrafficCams - Traffic Flow Cameras - Status : In Development

    Trafficcams is coming to FI

    Map of where cameras are (only the ones where I have GPS coords), your area not there? then get me the coords if the camera is already in the database or if cameras in your area not in database get me the camera urls and GPS coords.

    Clicking on the icon will give you the Camera ID and it's GPS coords.

    • Shows local traffic flow cameras in your area
    • Three pages of up to 6 cameras per page
    • Use presets to display the cameras you pass most
    • Show the nearest 18 cameras by your GPS coords
    • A wide number of countries supported
    • Automatic download of latest databases for your country
    • PDF Manual for Installation and use

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    Q. Why should I use this plugin version in FI as opposed to the Standalone version?

    A. There is no reason why you shouldn't use the standalone version, however this version has better integration with Centrafuse

    Q. Why is my country not supported?

    A. I have collected as many countries as I can where I can, either from searching or other users providing links, if you country is not supported it is either I haven't found a website with the cameras or if I have they are moving images which TC does not support at this time. Bear in mind if the site is not in English I may have trouble understanding it.

    Q. Why is my State/Town/City not supported?

    A. I have collected as many countries as I can where I can, either from searching or other users providing links, if your state/town/city is not supported it is either I haven't found a website with the cameras or if I have they are moving images which TC does not support at this time.

    Q. I have found a site for my Country/State/Town/City what do I need to do to get these added to the databases?

    A. If it is a new Country then firstly provide me with a link, if it is not in English you may have to harvest the info yourself. Please provide the info in the following format
    <url of camera>
    <Location of camera including town/state>
    NB the lat and lon need to be in decimal format and not Degrees Minutes, seconds. ie (34.4567,-23,9465)

    Q. How can I download this wonderful creation?
    A. Register on my forum at , when activated go to the downloads section. Or you can download from the AutAppMart, bear in mind you will still need to register an account on my forum to be able to register it.

    Q. I have registered on your site but am still not activated, why?
    A. I do not monitor the forum registrations 24/7 so it could take hours or possibly a day or two before I can activate you. If I am going away I will normally put this info into the news section of the forum. If however after a few days of registering you have not been activated then contact me via PM here. Using the same username as you do on here will help you get activated quicker.

    Q. Does this application only work with FreeICE?

    A. Yes, this is a dedicated FreeICE Plugin, However there is a standalone version available.

    Q. How do I change the size?

    A. The plugin will run at the same size as FreeICE.

    Q. Would someone care to send me this?

    A. They can, but bear in mind you still need to register an account on my forum.

    Q. Does this show redlight and speed cameras?

    A. No, this is only for traffic movement cameras, for speed cameras a red light cameras try Gatso Hunter.

    Q. Is the video live or updated? or mix?

    A. Currently this is only static image cameras, these get updated by the websites anything from every second to some which update every 20mins.

    Q. Does your plugin accepts video traffic cams?

    A. Not at present, this maybe something for the future, but at the moment this would probably take too much bandwith.

    Q. I would love to be able to add some custom images to the traffic cam app?

    A. At present this is not possible, but it is something I will look into

    Q. How do you pull coordinates for traffic cams?

    A. This can be very laborious.
    One method is to use google earth combined with the website the cameras are on and the Traffic Camera pictures.
    You will need to look at roughtly where they say it is (there is normally a map of sorts), look at the picture, zoom in on google earth until you can marry the picture image with what is seen in google earth and then read the co-ordinates. It also helps if you are fairly familiar with the area/country.
    Sometimes you are lucky and if you look at the source of the page with the map, it will sometimes provide the GPS coords in their somewhere, these can then just be copy and pasted into notepad.

    Q. Why do you need the GPS coords with the cameras?

    A. Two fold, one is to be able to see on a map where a camera is in the serach screen, help you decide if it is somewhere you go. And secondly to be able to use those cameras with the BYGPS function

    Q. I keep getting this error; error x or this function doesn't work?

    A. First, check the whole of this thread to see if the same questions has been asked before and more importantly answered before. Second go to the settings screen and set Debug to true, do what you do to get the error then run the 11ADebugCollector found in the FITrafficcams plugin folder and then send me the debug folder it creates (Should zip it up). Address to send is in the PDF Manual or use the email at the bottom of my site.

    Q. I've changed the Database name in the Countries screen but I don't get a database for the country selected

    A. Check that your firewall has not blocked or as this is where the DB's are stored.

    Q. What is the current database version for my country? (Cameras with coords / total cameras)


                                     (Coords / Cameras)           Percentage of cameras with coords
    UK Database version=UK007          (1284 / 1612)                       79%
    US Database version=US015          (1477 / 4396)                       33%
    Austria Database Version=AT001        (0 / 65 )                         0%
    Australia Database Version=AU003      (6 / 125)                         5%
    Belgium Database Version=BE001        (0 / 40)                          0%
    Brazil Database Version=BR002        (71 / 147)                        48%
    Canada Database Version=CA004        (38 / 414)                         9%
    Czech Rep Database Version=CZ001      (0 / 74)                          0%
    Germany Database Version=DE003       (14 / 62)                         22%
    Denmark Database Version=DK003      (119 / 135)                        88%
    Estonia Database Version=EE001        (0 / 28)                          0%
    Spain Database Version=ES006         (60 / 326)                        18%
    Finland Database Version=FI003      (249 / 544)                        45%
    France Database Version=FR003        (91 / 105)                        86%
    Croatia Database Version=HR003       (71 / 72)                         98%
    Hungary Database Version=HU003       (59 / 81)                         73%
    Ireland Database Version=IE003       (21 / 91)                         23%
    Iceland Database Version=IS001        (0 / 58)                          0%
    India Database Version=IN001          (5 / 80)                          6%
    Italy Database Version=IT001          (0 / 29)                          0%
    Luxemburg Database Version=LU002      (0 / 104)                         0%
    Malaysia Database Version=MY002       (0 / 38)                          0%
    Nederlands Database Version=NL001     (0 / 31)                          0%
    New Zealand Database Version=NZ001    (0 / 48)                          0%
    Norway Database Version=NO001        (40 / 43)                         93%
    Poland Database Version=PL002        (32 / 425)                         7%
    Portugal Database Version=PT002      (16 / 182)                         8%
    Russia Database Version=RU001         (0 / 33)                          0%
    Singapore Database Version=SG003     (46 / 46)                        100% 
    Slovenia Database Version=SI002       (0 / 199)                         0%
    South Korea Database Version=KR001    (0 / 27)                          0%
    Sweden Database Version=SE002       (207 / 244)                        84%
    Venezuela Database Version=VE001      (0 / 30)                          0%
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