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Thanks for the Donations!

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  • Thanks for the Donations!

    Special thanks to the following donators! Your support is very much appreciated and helps ensure fast and quality Freeway releases.

    Roy N. - $50
    C. Hill - $40
    Nam T. - $25
    Bjorn N. - $20
    Dennis S. - $25
    Jarred D. - $15
    Tyler P. - $10
    Andy K. - $5

    Help me buy a GPS/radio tuner/pay for my winter quarter books! I am but a poor college student!

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    Great, now I feel like a cheapskate with the smallest contribution. Oh well, I was first and I guess everyone thought they had to out-do me which is a nice thing for oeri =p

    Sorry, I'm but a poor college student =\. I think I'm about to quit my job and do freelance web 2.0 app programming (php/mysql/ajax) and graphic design. If anyone needs any work done, let me know.
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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      You aren't cheap... every bit helps, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!
      Offical Freeway Subforum
      Official Freeway Website