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Mouse Mode on Lilliput

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  • Mouse Mode on Lilliput

    does any one using freeway have a lilliput touchscreen monitor ??

    I seem to be having the volume sticking problem and I think It could be related to the mouse mode on the advanced tab on the lilliput setup, anybody still with 129 experiencing this ?? I have everything setup on freeway and like the program a lot but after resume from standby I have to quit the program and run it again and sometimes fixes the problem, I tried messing with the setting allready but no luck, help please thanks....

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    This is strange. 129 was supposed to fix the sticky mouse button. I've tested it successfully on my touchscreen (Xenarc) and my home computer. Keep us posted.
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      hey I've played with it for a while and Im having that problem still, do you go standby or do you shutdown reboot everytime ???


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        I have reformatted and installed everything fresh, I hope this fixes my problem... I'll try tomorrow


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          If it doesnt work out, let me know. i also have a lilliput, so we can do some tests.