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  • Please, do something different

    Hi. First, sorry for my bad English.
    Freeway seems to me a project that join several interesting characteristics, that make it preferable to others: written in a fast and modern language, open source, support for PNG graphics, philosophy of maintain things simple and fast... but it remember me the Road Runner project some time ago. Now, RR seems to be "complicated", slow loading and displaying screens, bloated with a ton of embeded options that I (and many people) never use... please, don't do the same that the others already did.
    I can't help writing code, I've not too much time or knowledge, but I think that I've a few good ideas, and I'll port my skin for RR (Digital Graphite) to Freeway if someone is interested.
    My "dream":

    Please, keep a small, fast and stable core with the minimum embedded functions, and a good support for plugins. Take a look to foobar2000, its architecture speaks for itself.

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    agreed, RR is overbloated, not just bloated. It would be great to see this project stay simple and be able to just add features on our own with plugins. Plugins are great, work great. Just because something is native doesnt mean it will work better. Just means it comes packaged allready leaving an open door for more bugs.
    New Age Garmin - Skin for RR
    New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
    "It's called CODE because I don't want you to know"