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  • Movies bug & suggestion

    This is a very minor bug. In the movies.ini i have 3 entries. The 2nd one is 2 words and looked like this
    Rainbow Cinemas,8296

    The other theatres worked, but this one would give me a message saying it couldn't find the info. I removed the space, and it worked fine. Put the space back in, and i couldn't repeat the problem.

    Anyways, a suggestion, because I only have internet while parked in my driveway, and because of the long load time between the time I select a theatre or movie, and the time is takes to retrieve the info and display it. When freeway detects an internet connection, it automatically retrieves the movie information and stores it for the day. If an internet connection is detected again, or intermittently, it won't retreive the new info unless the old info is x hours old, or unless the date has changed (new day, new info).

    This way everything should stay lightning fast, and will be effective for people who only have wireless internet in their driveways/parking lots.