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Frodoplayer and HD Radio

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  • Frodoplayer and HD Radio

    I've been using frodoplayer in my car for about 4 years now and I have everything working exactly the way I want it.
    Brightlife2 (that I've moded)
    Iguidance 3
    phone control
    a few emulators
    auto sync music with my desktop.
    a bunch of little programs to make everything run smoothly
    and almost everything through one remote control--except for address imputing (not a big fan of using the touch screen I prefer to do things without having to look)

    ANYWAY I've been thinking about going to HD Radio and couldn't find any info regarding HD running in Frodo does anyone know if it would be able to run in the radio section of frodo, or would I have to run a separate program for the HD Radio? I haven't tried running FM or Satellite radio or anything like that on a computer so I don't know to much.

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    Not too familar with frodo, but you can just run mitchj's pcr software and embed it.

    That's how I do it in FreeICE...........
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      I don't know anything about HD radio but to answer you question, the radio part of FP works with radiator so if this app support your HW yes you can use the radio part.

      The other way will be like greatwhite said, embed the app that comes with the HW but this means to update to 1.10 (don't know if you already did so) that is a little buggy.

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