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Destinator for FrodoPlayer with bearing/speed/safety camera warning

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  • Destinator for FrodoPlayer with bearing/speed/safety camera warning

    Hi all

    I have modified my External Destinator control program for use with FrodoPlayer (and the modified reda4 MMI skins)

    This uses the PocketGPS UK "safety" camera database, which is updated roughly every month, and will give an audible/visible warning when approaching the cameras.

    If using the MMI skin, please check this link for details on how to set up the skin/mini-mode properly for use with this

    Basically, copy the contents of this .zip file into your FrodoPlayer directory, and set up FrodoPlayer to use the exe as an external GPS application, and set it to use Mini-Mode.

    Download links:
    Download the program here

    Attached is a screenshot of it in action with the MMI skin

    Any issues/requests, please post here

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    I do not know destinator...
    where can we get it?

    I feel the 3D view will be really easy to use on a non-sunlight readable LCD, am I right?

    is it suitable with a 768*1024 resolution?

    can the speed be made Km/h instead of mph?

    how hard would it be to manage this with another frodo skin?


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      Yes, I find it readable on all the Xenarc/Lilliput screens i've seen in sunlight, much more so the new, brighter Xenarc which I have (my friend has a Lilliput, and I had an older Xenarc).

      My program *currently* reads skins in a MediaCar format, but I will adapt this version to use the FrodoPlayer format.

      As for working with other skins/sizes, you will need to re-do the skin files for this program to fit the screen, and also possibly re-design the Mini-Mode for FrodoPlayer for the resolution you are using.

      When I get a chance, I will sort this out to use a FrodoPlayer style skin.ini format, so that people skinning FrodoPlayer for this application do not need to know how to skin MediaCar

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        That looks NICE confused!
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          I think you have a customer....

          quick question about destinator: where to get it.

          also, how about maps in Canada - is it any good???


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            Nice.. you rock
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              Umm, why does it say that Destinator is not currently supported? How are you using it??
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                Originally posted by ddogg_777
                Umm, why does it say that Destinator is not currently supported? How are you using it??
                I have written my own application, which I call from FrodoPlayer, and set the Mini-Mode of FrodoPlayer to be the right size/position to look how it does in the screenshot.

                It is a way of getting Destinator "into" FrodoPlayer, keeping a consistant look, but without it actually being embedded.

                Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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                  ok chaps, I've been chatting to confused about this in the sharing hub.. and have managed to do a beta skin for it.. I will of finished it all be next week I hope.

                  What I would like frodo to do, to make this more awesome than it already is .. is to add two options.. the first is the option to remove the window from around the minimode, this would make the appearance seamless.. the second, would be to have the choice to show or hide the taskbar when in minimode.. the problem being.. as soon as u click on the minimode window at the moment, the taskbar appears, but if you click back on the d2 map, it hides..

                  anyway.. wont be long


                  o.. also that text_title bug as well ;-)
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                    lookin awesome cant wait to try it out. CdRsKuLL, what GPS are you using there?
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                      its Destinator 2.. I've played with the look a bit.

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                        Hey Confused

                        When launching your app from frodo, I get "Run time error 429 - ActiveX cant create object"

                        Just guessing - - do I need to install the SDK for this to work ?




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                          i get that same error were u able to fix it?


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                            Uhh, guys, do you actually HAVE destinator ?
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                              lol im pretty sure i have it installed on this comp but lemme double check that...

                              lol i have it installed on the car pc at least but not on home pc... ok that explains it then i guess