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Switch between Frodo player and GPS (IGuidance)?

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  • Switch between Frodo player and GPS (IGuidance)?

    So I wonder if someone can help me (maybe I'm just slow or something).

    I am running Frodo player along with iGuidance v.2.0 (which is sweet btw).

    My question is, once I've launched iGuidance from within Frodo player, and then go back to Frodo Player (with iGuidance running in the background) how can I switch back to full screen GPS? If I select the GPS launcher from Frodo Player again it trys to launch another instance of iGuidance as supposed to switching to the one that is already open.

    If I have a keyboard hooked up I can press alt+tab to switch but I'm trying to avoid having to use a keyboard.

    Any clues, ideas or help?
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    You just have to go back to mini mode.
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      I am slow and figured that out tonight . Thanks for the reply and thanks for a great interface.
      99 VW GTI VR6 SC
      -The GTI-PC-