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Linux Build or Xbox Port???

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  • Linux Build or Xbox Port???

    Is there a Linux port or Xbox port of this software?

    I use a Xbox has a PC for my car, I have Linux running on it.

    Windows XP cannot be installed on Xbox, so im looking for a Linux version

    or if the Author can make an Xbox Port of this Software. The Xbox SDK is

    available all over the net.. I also feel that Using the Xbox guts is a way

    cheaper solutuion that building a PC. Where can u get 700mhz

    processor/motherboard, dvd rom, 64meg ram, built in Nvidia graphics card and

    soundcard,powersupply 10 gig HD and 4 USB ports for $119 .

    heres some pics of what i have installed now.

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    Maybe not Frodoplayer, but isn't NoPistons front end written in Linux.

    Also Navigator 4 runs on Linux so that means that GPS software for Europe is available too.

    The xbox looks like a promising device for Cra Nav now.

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      Not possible.
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      My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
      It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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        They have a port of Windows.CE for the Xbox. That might be the only way, but even then Frodoplayer would probably have issues with Windows.CE


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          Cool idea none the less, never thought of cannibalizing an xbox like that
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            There are windows emulators for xbox... I've heard they are painfully slow. I don't know how stable a win98 emulator running ontop of linux would be. It might work for running Frodo. I should have linux installed on my xbox in about a week or so.

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