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Two new (hopefully) feature requests

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  • Two new (hopefully) feature requests

    I sincerely apologize if these have already been made; i have not seen them mentioned yet, but if they have been, i'll punish myself with 20 laps around the forum.

    1) Lyrics (id3v2) display (karaoke style) as an option for that little/big vis window

    2) Internet (shoutcast) radio support (im still torn between xm, fm, or shoutcast (in terms of buying hardware)... but i'd take shoutcast if it had a nice button/interface in frodoplayer )

    As a side note to number two, it is possible to share the internet on my cell phone with the carputer via bluetooth, right? (perhaps does phone control do such a thing?)

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    Kareoke in a car? My god....thae carnage!....the carnage!
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      Wups, also, i was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut that i could map to some steering wheel controls or my powermate to switch (back and forth?) between the directory/artist display and the playlist display... Its simply obnoxious to have to tap the artist display, scroll with the power mate to linkin park, tap the playlist display to bring the focus there, scrooooll to "numb" just to hear a nice bass drop.

      Or will this point be mute with new changes in 1.09?