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a few questions about modifying FP

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  • a few questions about modifying FP

    i'm in the process of creating a new skin for FP, the ones i've found havent suited been what i'm lookin for.. I'd like to know if there's a way to make FP load the menu screen on launch instead of the player. And add a button from the menu to open the player. also the visualizations dont stay full screen when one song ends and another begins.

    i have other qujestions but cant think of them at the moment, i will add them as they come to me.

    for those interested here's a pic of the menu i have created thus far.
    I love the look of Honda and Acura's OEM navi splash screen so i somewhat recreated that
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    pretty nice will you release it? will you make other logos?
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      after i get it working how i want it for myself, i see no reason not to let others play with it. If i have the time i could put other emblems into it, but it's far from finished right now


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        anyone know if this can be done, i've searched for this but could not find any info. If i've overlooked something could some one point me the right way. I do see though that the fullscreen problem is a bug being fixed by the next version.

        thanks in advance


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          you can ask Frodobaggins.. or PM him.. I didnt find it myself..
          Why the H#$CK do you want to start with the menu?

          Another thing, why do you wan to see the VIS fullscreen? just download enough mpeg movies for your videoplayer :P


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            No the menu cannot be loaded first... I asked this awhile back... and others have
            asked for it also in the request thread...

            I PM'd him about it and he stated that it was not possible for it to ever load first.
            Maybe he's changing that for 1.09 but who knows but the Monkey himself!
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              alright thanks alot