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  • 848x480 Resolution

    I have a Shuttle FV-24 and a 7" Lilliput touchscreen. I tried using the 800x480 skin, but there is a gap on the right side of the screen. I can't run 800x480, and I can't find a skin that is 848x480...

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    i just made a 848x480 skin, here look at it...

    its only the v.1, v.2 wil becoming soon,
    need to fix some stuff, like the font size, add a power button and so on...
    Download Skin For FrodoPlayer 1.0.9


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      Dude, just turn off advanced screen settings so FrodoPlayer becomes full screen.
      Does noone read the FAQ ?
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        It is hard to understand in the FAQ just because its the first thing you encounter when you install. After you use FrodoPlayer a bit, it makes sense. Just my .02
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