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couple of questions (problems)

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  • couple of questions (problems)

    This may have been answered before, and I did search (but I'm search-challenged, not very good at it). I'm having a couple of problems with FrodoPlayer that are driving me nuts.
    First, if an mp3 is not already set to play at launch (IE it was playing when I hibernated) or if I don't quickly start one playing, the volume will rise continually until it is at 100%, or until I hear the speakers start humming and press the volume down button (which produces a deafening CLICK). The 'start volume at 100%' box in setup is not checked. If an mp3 is playing, the volume will not rise.
    The other problem is that it will randomly switch to CD from Genre or All Music. Then I have to scroll back through to where I was, and of course its on the first song so I have to scroll through the songs to get back to where I was. This happens whether a CD is in the drive or not.
    Any ideas?