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  • Just so everyone knows.

    As stated in the release thread, consider this alpha quality.
    I am fixing bugs, and any dependency issues will hopefully
    be worked out in a future FULL installer.

    Be forewarned, when I do release a new FULL installer,
    you will need to uninstall all earlier releases.

    (You may keep your library built, copy it somewhere (medialib.mdb)
    and copy it back after install. And set the DBROOT in the
    frodoplayer.ini before you run it the first time.)

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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    Cool, keep up the good work! You've been on a bug fix'n frenzy here of late.
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      Thanks a ton Frodo.
      Can I just make one request for a future version: I only had half a day to use FrodoPlayer before my HD died so I'm not sure if you have a setting for this(there wasn't one if 1.08 and I didn't see it in any of the settings in 1.09). I also know it was brought up in another forum. Can you have a setting that allows you to choose, if when clicking the down/up arrows and holding them down, if it will continuously scroll through the list or make you have to click it each time.
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        fp.disabled(feature_requests) = vbTrue
        2004 4runner


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          BTW is there would it be an easy fix to link the the master volume and the wav volume?
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            Originally posted by antimatter

            BTW is there would it be an easy fix to link the the master volume and the wav volume?

            oh great Frodo... please say yes to this one......
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              Its a pretty good alpha Id say. Maybe a beta-minus?
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