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  • Thanks for the release....

    I have to say thanks for the release of frodoplayer, but I must bring up the issue of too many menus. It is pretty hard to navigate with the 10 or more options on the main menu. I know there are a lot of feature requests but when is enough enough. I think it would be nice to have menus with optional buttons, in other words an option to make them viewable or not. Otherwise it would make much more sense just to have your desktop full of icons and increase the size of the task bar a little higher.
    I dont mean to offend anyone, especially frodo because of all the hard work that has gone in to this. But optional and resizable buttons would be nice with out having to re-skin.
    Thankyou and sorry
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    you could just skin your own main menu.

    Make some huge *** buttons, and only have like 4 of them or whatever


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      Then you would need a setting for those that think there are too many settings so you can hide the other settings. Plus I think FrodoFeatureRequests == False; still.
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        Pardon my ignorance, but is there a thread or some doc I can get that gives instructions on what's needed to create a skin? I've never done it before and I'd like to experiment.
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          Hah i just realized his original post said "without having to re-skin"

          Was that there originally before I posted? if so, sorry, my response was useless.

          for wysoki:

          and Humdinger, if you don't care that much about appearance, you can literally make a skin in 5 minutes in MS paint and notepad for your purpose. It may not look the best, but how often are you looking at that main menu anyways?