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  • Couple of questions...


    I finally resumed my carputer project and here is a screen shot of Frodoplayer running...

    Thanks to Frodo and all that have helped him with the development of the software.

    As you can see in the picture above, Frodoplayer does not cover the entire screen...what can I do about that? The current settings are both 800x600 for day and night.

    I have another question with regards to running the Routis software for GPS with Frodo. Will I be able to keep routis running and in the forefront while Frodo remains playing the music? I would also like to add a nice Nissan SKin..but last time I tried I didn't have any luck...guess I need to give that a shot again...any pointers?

    Thanks again Frodo and ALL!

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    go into the frodoplayer.ini file. Under advanced settings change the screen size to what you want. I personnally use 800x570, this way I leave my taskbar showing while frodo takes over the balance of the screen.



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      You can also go to Settings 1, Misc, and uncheck the box for 'Use Advanced Screen Settings in Frodoplayer.ini?'. This will make Frodoplayer run full screen. It'll fit your screen perfectly.